The Academy of Health 360° presents:
master class
“Free from Parasites”
We teach you a unique method to cleanse the body off parasites and their larvae in natural way.
About the Academy
4 Aspects of Health
At Academy of Health360°, we look at many aspects of Health. Physical Health, mental and spiritual health, home and work environment health, financial health, relationship health and all other aspects that affect our wellbeing both directly and indirectly. If you want to live a healthy life - free from parasites - come and learn how to do it.
Physical Health
Health - is a condition of a perfectly balanced Ecosystem within the human body. Microorganisms that penetrate and slowly colonize our body, disrupting the balance of its ecosystem are called parasites.
Mental and spiritual health will lead to a healthy body. It is very important to have state of mind, spirit and body in balance. Every thought begins in your mind and the thoughts materializing in to things.
Financial Health
Health and finances are dynamic, always changing, in flux, up and down. Your personal financial situation can be unhealthy and the result of that can lead to problems in other areas of your life.
Healthy Environment at your home, work place and relationship is one of the important aspects of your wellbeing.
If you are:
Tired of having a chronic disease
Irritated with constant allergies
Often have flu
Constipation and irritable bowel
Fatigue, no energy, migraine
Skin problems
Other health disturbances
And everyone who wants to live a healthy life free from parasites.
“Free from Parasites” will give you a deeper understanding of your body systems.
You will learn about how microscopic invaders worms and fungi are colonizing your body.
At master class “Free from Parasites” we teach you a unique method to cleanse the body off parasites and their larvae the natural way.
We will teach you how to treat food as your medicine.
Good food has healing properties.
  • • After our master class you will be able to protect yourself and your family from the parasitic invasion.
  • • You will know how to prevent falling sick using food as your medicine.
  • • You will know how to eat smart, feel good and stay healthy.
Theoretical Coverage
“Free from Parasites” master class includes the following subjects:
Human Ecology
  • • Considering the Human Body as one ecosystem: “Health - is a perfectly balanced Ecosystem within the human body”
chemical composition of the human body
  • • Role of silica, water and oxygen
  • • Understanding your own body
Factors of Human Ecology imbalance
  • • External factors: smoke, herbicides, pesticides, radionuclides and dairy products
  • • Internal factors: Parasitic Invasion
Classification of the parasites
  • • Helminths and its types
  • • Fungi and its types
Learning how to eat
  • • Treat food as your medicine, or you will be treating medicine as your food
  • • Healthy digestive system mechanism
  • • Separate food diets
  • • Protein and Carbohydrates
Gulnora Khamidova
Founder of Academy of Health 360°
  • • Gulnora Khamidova is a graduate of School of Medical Science in Tashkent State Medical Pharmaceutical Institute 1989-1995. Her key discipline is Clinical Pharmacology.
  • • She propose to reinstate Vermox or Mebendazole which are chemically based drags to treat parasitic infection in a human organism with minimal side effects to liver and other organs.
  • • Gulnora has been following the medical world development very closely and examined the effects of parasites in a human body. Later she noticed the lack of available information about parasites to regular people. Her wish of helping others led her to an idea to create a place where ordinary people will learn more on how to get rid of parasites and yet keep the body clean off chemicals.
  • • Today, based on all the knowledge and experience of her own and other Russian specialists and doctors, she has decided to start Academy of Health 360° in Malaysia to spread the information among people and make their lives healthier and happier.